What to Consider with Gym Flooring

What is the size of the facility and how much foot traffic will there be?

When considering gym flooring, you’ll need to think about the size of the facility or area where the flooring it going to be installed. How are you intending to use the space? And how much foot traffic will you see daily? These questions need to be evaluated before you start a flooring installation project. With heavy foot traffic and repeated facility use, your floors are impacted the most.

What is the flooring material and how should it be cleaned?

Is your gym flooring rubber or hardwood? Each material has different cleaning methods, but both require daily upkeep to maintain. While rubber flooring requires little maintenance due to its anti-microbial properties, you should still vacuum and mop it. Be careful about what you clean it with, says our dealer, Kiefer USA: You’ll want to use a pH neutral cleaner as “strong detergents, solvents, oil-based cleaners, and abrasive cleaning liquids can damage the rubber surface.”

Hardwood floors can be maintained by daily sweeping and mopping, where even small particles of dust invite the opportunity for scratched floors. To be extra careful, Athletic Business recommends you to use walk-off mats around your hardwood court floor to try and catch any extra dirt and dust before it hits the hardwood surface.

Is the venue susceptible to moisture?

If your geographical location is very humid and you have a hardwood surface, you need to consider that before you choose your flooring material. Humidity affects wood in different ways, causing it to expand or contract depending on the type of wood.

MONDO’s multilayer concept feature pairs the best elastic underlayers with the most appropriate surface finish to satisfy the specific needs of each sport. It helps to both resolve and considerably simplify any potential installation issues, such as humidity seeping upward from the screed.

MONDO Advance

MONDO Advance is a durable surface that exceeds coefficient-of-friction standards for improved athletic performance, making it hands down the highest-performing multipurpose synthetic surface in the industry.

MONDO offers you the best solutions for outdoor sports facilities, and for athletic facilities and sports fields with synthetic grass.