Hospital-Grade Rubber Flooring for Rehab, Healthcare, Physical Therapy, and Hydrotherapy Centers

Rehab centers and healthcare facilities that specialize in physical therapy and hydrotherapy generally have cutting-edge equipment and are staffed by licensed therapists and medical professionals.  While the quality of the equipment and expertise of the staff in these venues are important, other elements also help to create an environment conducive to healing and recovery, such as the flooring, which adds to the aesthetics, comfort, and overall safety of patients and staff.

When developing a rehab center or healthcare facility, designers must research the impact that all the venue’s elements can have on the patients and staff. Using this research to design and build these facilities is called evidence-based design (EBD), which means that designers use evidence from credible research to ensure the best possible environment for patients and staff.

The most important objectives of EBD include:

  • First-rate patient and staff safety
  • Low patient and staff stress
  • Few medical errors
  • Fast patient healing
  • Excellent patient outcomes
  • Outstanding patient and family experiences
  • Great staff effectiveness
  • High cost efficiency, including upfront costs and maintenance

Flooring is an important element of EBD solutions. Several flooring types are available for rehab and physical therapy centers, including luxury vinyl tile (LVT), sheet vinyl, vinyl composite tile (VCT), linoleum, and rubber flooring.  Mondo provides hospital-grade rubber flooring that support EBD objectives, so they are ideal for rehab centers and healthcare facilities that provide physical therapy and hydrotherapy. Mondo flooring also is anti-microbial, which helps with infection control, shock absorbent, and slip resistant, and it can be manufactured in just about any color to match a facility’s aesthetics.

This guide will present the advantages of using rubber flooring in rehab centers and healthcare facilities, as well as how Mondo’s rubber flooring options can benefit those venues that provide physical therapy and hydrotherapy.

Benefits of Medical-Grade Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring has become a popular option for rehab centers and healthcare facilities because it is durable, easy to maintain, and has proven to be resilient in all healthcare settings. The main benefits of using rubber flooring in rehab centers and healthcare facilities include:

  • Slip resistance: Rubber flooring is highly slip resistant and comes in many textures that prevent dirt and moisture from building up on the surface. Most rubber flooring types exceed the slip resistance recommendations of the ADA, and they can accommodate small-wheel traffic, such as wheelchairs and equipment. Its moisture resistance makes rubber flooring ideal for locker rooms and hydrotherapy centers.
  • Anti-microbial: Infection control is important in all medical settings, including rehab centers and healthcare facilities.  Rubber flooring is naturally anti-microbial and resistant to bacteria, mold, and other dangerous substances that can spread infection. It is also resistant to chemicals.
  • Noise control: Rubber flooring absorbs impact, which decreases the sound of footsteps and equipment being rolled across the floor. Noise reduction creates a more comfortable environment that reduces patient stress.
  • Cushioning: Shock absorbing cushioning provides a comfortable surface to walk and stand on, which benefits therapists and medical professionals, who spend most of the day standing, as well as patients. Rubber flooring can also absorb the impact from weights and machinery, which makes it ideal flooring for weight rooms and athletic training rooms.
  • Appearance: Rubber flooring is available in many different colors and textures, and its seamless installation creates a uniform appearance throughout a facility. It will also keep its appearance, as rubber is naturally resistant to scuff marks and gouges.
  • Environmentally friendly: Rubber flooring is made from as much as 90% recycled rubber flooring, and it is free of harmful chemicals. By using rubber flooring, healthcare facilities can receive credit points toward LEED certification. Rubber flooring is also free of PVCs, has low volatile organic compounds (VOC), and will not emit CFCs, asbestos, plasticizers, vinyl chloride, or other substances that can make the indoor environment dangerous.
  • Life cycle and maintenance: Rubber flooring can last up to 30 years, and it is very easy and cost effective to maintain. Not much more than a damp mop is typically needed to clean rubber flooring, since waxing and other costly and time-consuming maintenance is not necessary.

Medical-Grade Rubber Flooring from Mondo

Mondo provides rubber flooring options with cutting-edge technology that is ideal for healthcare settings, such as rehab centers and centers for hydrotherapy. Mondo’s Ramflex and Sport Impact flooring both have two layers of vulcanized rubber that is highly resistant and versatile.

  • Ramflex: Double-layered Ramflex  provides excellent resistance and shock absorbency with a 2 millimeter-thick rubber surface that can withstand wear and light abrasions. It is highly resilient against heavy machinery and dropped weights, and its non-porous, anti-slip surface is resistant to moisture and provides an excellent grip. This flooring is ideal for exercise rooms and hydrotherapy areas within rehab centers.
  • Sport Impact:  Sport Impact has a 3 millimeter-thick top layer that can resist heavy loads and lacerations, and an underlayer that provides excellent shock absorption and stability. The dual-layer construction allows this flooring to absorb violent impacts from weights and machinery, and the shock absorption helps to reduce muscle stress.  This flooring is ideal for weight rooms and athletic training rooms.

Installing rubber flooring in a rehab center and other healthcare facilities provides many benefits for patients and staff, as this type of flooring supports EBD objectives. Contact Mondo to learn more about its rubber flooring products and how they can benefit your rehab center or healthcare facility.

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