What is an Environmental Product Declaration?

Mondo sport flooring is installed in a vast array of facilities around the world, from collegiate training facilities to health clubs, from parks and recreation centers to private gyms, and in locker rooms, multipurpose spaces and lobbies. We have a longstanding commitment to developing athletic flooring products that are sustainable and help contribute to a healthy environment for athletes. Our products are GREENGUARD Gold certified, which ensures critical safety standards and low VOC emissions necessary for those in healthcare and school settings.

Recently, our vulcanized sport flooring surfaces received another important environmental acknowledgment: documentation known as an Environmental Product Declaration.

What is an EPD?

UL describes it as a sort of “nutrition label” for sustainable products. Essentially, it’s a report that assures clients, architects, designers, and partners that a product has been thoroughly evaluated to understand all of the ways that it affects the environment throughout its lifecycle—meaning from when the raw materials are sourced to when the final product is used and eventually disposed of.   

According to a study cited by UL, “65 percent of architects and designers believe lifecycle assessment is the single most important criterion for evaluating a manufacturer’s sustainability claims.” Evaluating products’ impact throughout their entire lifecycle, as UL does, is key because it gives the truest picture of their effect on the environment, including:

  • its carbon footprint
  • the use of natural resources
  • and energy consumption

What does having an EPD mean for sports flooring or other products in your facility?

The EPDs certify that products are safe for users and the environment, and that they can contribute toward a building project’s credits for LEED v4, BREEAM, Green Globes, International Green Construction Code (IgCC) and other rating systems for environmentally-friendly construction. Manufacturers that offer EPDs demonstrate their interest not only in sustainability, but also transparency in their products and how they are made. Having an EPD makes it easier on design teams, too: Instead of searching for information from a variety of sources, an environmental product declaration lists has most of the information all in one place.

EPDs are also starting to become sought after in the U.S.: California awarding authorities are already requesting them and will require EPDs beginning in January 2021, and Washington and Oregon are considering similar regulations.

Which Mondo products have EPD documentation?

The Mondo products that received EPDs are:

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