Hypertrophy Gains for the New Year

What Does Hypertrophy Mean?

Simply put, hypertrophy means building muscle by increasing muscle fiber size, and it typically is obtained through strength training. Hypertrophy training also helps to tone you up, better define your muscles and of, course, build strength.

For all your hypertrophy workouts, unless otherwise stated, do one set of 12 reps, one set of 10 reps, one set of 8 reps and a last set of 6 reps for each exercise. Up the weight each set to failure. Rest for 90 seconds between sets—increasing time spent under tension stimulates even more muscle growth.

Four Week Workout Plan

Try this program for four weeks to kick your muscles back in gear and experience real muscle growth:

Push Pass the Pain

As Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson put it on his Facebook page, “Push past pain into progress….commit to being an absolute beast on all levels – ready to disrupt, raise the bar and change the game. Remember when you intensely push yourself physically and mentally past barriers, the efficacy transcends your immediate goals into something much greater.”

So grow and evolve. Instead of trying to maintain a physique, try to advance it! Keep your body guessing and try to break the boundaries in your own workout.


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