MONDO Flooring for Summer Sports

Volleyball: Advance

Speed, agility, and explosiveness on the court. Volleyball requires a high-end surface capable of supporting high-performance play. Athletes will benefit from our Advance flooring line, which provides comfort, support, and the right amount of energy return while exceeding the toughest friction coefficient standards for high-level play and superior biomechanical performance.

Tennis: Mondoten

Tennis is all about quick reactions and continuous movement, and because it can be played on such a wide variety of surfaces, players need to adapt not only to their opponents, but also to the court. MONDO’s Mondoten is perfect for tennis players at all levels. It guarantees excellent grip and traction in all weather conditions. The pre-manufactured shock absorption layer provides optimal comfort, and the surface is biomechanically engineered to reduce player fatigue and minimize the risk of injury.

Soccer: Ecofill

For soccer players, MONDO has artificial turf systems that let you get the most out of your facility, whatever the weather, and reduces maintenance costs. MONDO’s turf systems make perfect training and competition fields for both amateur and professional athletes. The Ecofill infill ensures excellent sports performance and extraordinary technical functions on the field. Our turf allows players to control the rolling and bounce of the ball and maintains its characteristics over time.

With MONDO’s full line of products, we have the right flooring for your facility’s summer sports.


MONDO offers you the best solutions for outdoor sports facilities, and for athletic facilities and sports fields with synthetic grass.